Autonomous Sleeper Layer

Labour saving superior performance

Sleeper Laying Machine


  • Work speed 450 sleepers in one hour,
    2 km / 8 h.
  • No need to remove or protect surrounding structures.


  • Traffic or construction can be allowed on neighbouring tracks and platforms.
  • All movements are within the UIC loading gauge.

One day training

  • Extensively automated actions make operator training fast and easy.
  • No prior work experience with machines is needed.

Compact size and automated movements at constant speed

When all of the device’s movements are within the UIC gauge, traffic can continue on neighbouring tracks and platforms and there is no need to dismantle or protect structures.

Autonomous Sleeper Layer’s consistent work speed makes planning secure and easy. When other parts of the railway are being constructed in the same area, work can be done simultaneously. This way, time tables can be condensed, and projects can be completed earlier. 

In the built and buildable environment, Country and Portal Cranes always require significant attention, such as protection, dismantling, power outages, and other massive work arrangements. The organisation of work for Country and Portal Cranes is often a more significant task than the construction of the railway itself.

Autonomous Sleeper Layer can be transported from one job site to another with a small truck. If it is possible to transport bottom ballast to the job site, the sleeper layer and sleepers can also be brought to the site. Country and Portal Cranes typically require a rail connection to the worksite.

Autonomous Sleeper Layer

Autonomous Sleeper Layer



Country and Portal Crane

Solution to the Labour Shortage and Skill Crisis

Autonomous Sleeper Layer is equivalent in efficiency to three traditional excavator units that require a total of 9 workers, including 3 highly skilled machine operators.

The use of Country and Portal Cranes requires personnel to have extensive training and work experience.

Autonomous Sleeper Layer can be operated after one day training, operator’s main task is to ensure that the machine is re-fuelled and that the sleeper stacks are in the right place in front of the machine.

Track Building System 

The goal is that 5 employees can build 2 km of track in 8 hours with equipment with a combined weight of 10 tons. Sleeper laying, rail laying and rail fastening.

Autonomous Sleeper Layer is the first part of the Track Building System.


  • China
  • EU
  • Japan
  • Russia

Patent pending in:

  • USA